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 CHDP Staff



CHDP Public Health Nurses (PHNs) 

    • Provide training and services for CHDP medical providers and community partners
    • Provide resource development through collaboration with community partners
    • Provide administrative case management for CHDP clients
    • Promote pediatric best practices



Foster Care Nurses

    • Provide medical consultation to social workers and probation officers regarding
      medical care of children in out-of-home placement
    • Assist foster parents to find a doctor and to access well child care and other
      medical services needed
    • Work with CHDP providers to gather information about medical, dental, and
      mental health status of foster children, and document this information in the
      Health and Education Passport
    • Coordinate medical and dental care for the foster child



Community Health Workers (CHWs) 

    • Engage families and provide education on health topics at schools, health fairs,
      resource centers and other community venues
    • Help connect families to resources



Administrative Support

    • Coordinate administrative support for medical providers
    • Act as a liaison with community partners and the public
    • Assist and provide support for the public health nurse and professional staff



      • Health Education




CHDP Public Health Nutritionist
(Registered Dietitian Nutritionist or RD/RDN)

    • Provides consultation and training on nutrition-related topics such as anemia and
      childhood obesity to program staff, CHDP providers, Public Health and community partners
    • Collaborates at local and state levels to develop nutrition education materials for use
      across California
    • Tracks program data for use in needs assessment, program planning and policy development
    • Edits the CHDP Highlights provider newsletter



CHDP Deputy Director


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