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For Providers

What services does the CHDP Office provide?

  • CHDP provides information to families about CHDP services and related health information by attending health fairs, and other community events.
  • CHDP gives educational presentations to parents, child care organizations, and other community based organizations about children’s health issues.
  • CHDP maintains a list of CHDP Medical and Dental providers in Ventura County and provides names to families as needed.
  • CHDP provides assistance to parents in locating resources for any problems identified during a CHDP exam.
  • CHDP Public Health Nurses certify and train providers and their staff to perform CHDP well-child exams.
  • CHDP Public Health Nurses train providers to do oral health education, fluoride varnish application, and referral to a dentist for routine dental care.
  • Education and training opportunities for physicians and office staff:
  • CHDP is closely associated with other preventive health programs:
      • Childhood Oral Health Education Program (COHEP)
      • California Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)
      • Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care (HCPCFC)
  • Care coordination for all mental health and dental problems; all other problems for CHDP Gateway patients.
  • Billing support
  • Provider recruitment
  • Community outreach
  • Linking to county resources
      • Provide health education resources and materials
      • Offer free toothbrushes and fluoride varnish to participating providers

CHDP Nurse Consultant Services:

  • Promotion of pediatric best practices through:
      • Facility and Medical Record Review
      • Performance Measure monitoring (Lead, Dental, BMI Percentile)
      • PM 160 Desktop Review
      • Information on promising new practices and pediatric health issues
  • Training and education for providers and provider staff offered as monthly noontime in-services or onsite by arrangement:
      • CHDP program overview
      • New provider mandatory training
      • New provider staff (front office, back office, etc.) training
      • Screening requirements
      • PM 160
      • CHDP Gateway Process
      • How to Weigh and Measure Children Accurately for the CHDP Well-Child Exam
      • Using BMI-for-Age Growth Charts for the CHDP Well-Child Exam
      • Oral Health Education and Fluoride Varnish Application
      • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Update
      • Lead finger stick training
      • Other child health topics such as behavioral health, developmental screening and safety
      • Send your suggestions for specific topics related to well-child care
  • Semi-annual certificate workshops
      • An audiometric workshop with didactic learning and a practicum is held annually in the Spring. This training focuses on play audiometric screening for children 3-5 years.  Designated personnel are required to complete re-certification every 4 years.
      • A vision workshop presented by local optometrist, Dr. Heller, annually in the Fall includes didactic learning and a practicum.  Designated personnel are required to complete re-certification every 4 years.

Who can become a CHDP Provider?

How can I become a CHDP Provider?

  • Ventura County health care providers complete the following forms:
  • Return the completed forms and required attachments to:
      • Ventura County CHDP Program
        2240 E. Gonzales Road, Suite 270
        Oxnard, CA 93036
        FAX: (805) 658-4505
        Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The CHDP Provider Manual and Bulletins give additional information about provider enrollment, CHDP provider responsibilities, services than can be provided, how to enroll children and youth through the CHDP Gateway and how to be reimbursed for CHDP program services.

Where can I find more information and forms that I need?

See Forms for Providers